How much does a roof affect home values? It could be more than you think.

Your house’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see. The roof is part of that crucial first impression.

A few bad shingles might not deter buyers. But if the entire roof is in poor condition, you’ll want to consider roof repairs or installing a new roof before listing your house.

If you’re considering selling your home, this might be a question you are wondering. So let’s break it down.

How much does a roof affect your home values?

Your roof can impact resale value more than you might think. The negative impact your current roof could have includes:

Fewer Offers. You may get less interest in your home if you need a new roof. Homes that need much maintenance or repairs won’t appeal to buyers looking for move-in-ready houses.

Longer Sale Process. Your home may take longer to sell if buyers negotiate the price because of the roof. Or they may request a roof repair or replacement before closing.

Reduced Offer. Buyers may be anticipating the cost of replacing the roof and offer you less. They may not offer you less to offset the cost.

How much does a new roof increase home value?

You may not see a 100% return on investment from installing a new roof. Very few home improvements, if any, fully recoup the money spent. However, roof replacement has many benefits since you are more likely to get better offers and a smoother negotiation process. You can maximize your ROI (return on investment) by:

  • Removing old shingles and not layering them
  • Regular roof maintenance
  • Choosing midrange roofing materials
  • Transferring the warranty to the buyer

If you decide to replace your roof before selling, market the new roof and any other sellable features in your listing.

Do you need to replace your roof before selling?

Roof replacement is a big project. But a roof with existing issues can make it more difficult to sell your home. But there are signs to help you decide if you need to make some repairs or get a new roof.

If you decide your current roof affects your home’s value and want to replace it, you’ll be in good company. About 18% of sellers repair or replace their roofs before listing.

Positively Affect Your Home’s Value with a New Roof

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