Roof Replacement Perry Roofing specializes in roof replacement. We’ve replaced thousands of roofs in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, and elsewhere in Northwest Arkansas.

Roof Repair Maintenance is very important for the integrity of your roof. If a homeowner does not maintain their roof, it will start to deteriorate and cause structural and cosmetic damage. Roof leaks are caused by a variety of issues: improperly installed flashings around chimneys, walls, and valleys; old pipe boots; debris on your roof; clogged gutters; and missing shingles, to name a few. Over time, some things just wear out! Call Perry Roofing for your free roof inspection and estimate to repair or replace your roof.

Warranty Information When purchasing a new roofing system, there are two warranties to consider:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: In general, these warranties cover failures in the roofing material. Depending on the shingles, this can range from 20 years to a limited lifetime.
  • Contractor’s Warranty: This warranty covers installation and related issues. Perry Roofing has a five-year workmanship warranty. (This does not include damage due to natural disasters.)