Your residential or commercial roof is an investment. And an expensive one. Protecting your investment is essential. Roof replacement or repairs can be costly, which you don’t need. However, many homeowners and business owners don’t realize it until it’s too late. Use these five ways to protect your roof.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Your gutter system is the best way to prevent a roof leak or significant damage during heavy rainfall. Keeping your gutters clean of dirt and debris is critical to protecting your roof. Failing to perform regular maintenance on your gutters will cause moisture and humidity to penetrate the roofing system. Eventually, you’ll have rot, mold, and roof leaks.

Perform Visual Inspections Regularly

Schedule a time to walk around your home or building to inspect the roof, especially after high winds visually. You’ll need to check for missing or damaged shingles, general signs of wear and tear, and that the flashing is secure. Also, check for rodent or pest damage. If you see shredding or rotting, it could indicate a pest problem.

Trim Branches

Low-hanging branches too close to your structure are a recipe for disaster. A strong storm could snap off a branch and collapse your roof. The result could be minor damage or more significant. Either way, you can eliminate the threat by trimming the branches.

Remove Leaves & Moss

Leaves and moss accumulating on your roof trap moisture, which leads to decomposition or, worse, weed growth. • For leaves, use a roof rake or garden hose to remove the fallen leaves. Do not use a pressure washer. • If you notice moss, depending on how old it is, you can sweep it off or wash it with soap.

Prevent Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the roof’s edge and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. Use a rake to keep snow off of your rooftop. However, don’t pry off the ice that has already formed. Keeping your attic adequately insulated and free of air leaks will also help prevent ice dams. You can detect the first signs of leakage by checking your attic for streaks or stains. Also, inspect the chimney.

Protect Your Roof

By protecting your roof, you’ll extend the life of your roofing and protect your home from roof collapse and water damage. The return on investment is well worth the time and effort. Do you need a Northwest Arkansas roof inspection, repair, or replacement? Call Perry Roofing Company today for a FREE estimate. 479.306.4327