Claim Service

If you’ve recently had a severe storm come through your area, your roof may be damaged. It’s difficult to tell from ground-level, but roof damage can lead to problems like leaks, mold, and structural damage. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will typically cover roof replacement.

Filing a claim with insurance can be stressful. However, with Perry Roofing Co. you have an experienced, knowledgeable team on your side. We’re ready to help you navigate the process.

These are the next steps

  1. Schedule a roof inspection. If you suspect that you have wind or hail damage, call a professional roofing service first. It’s always best to start with a roof inspection before you call your insurance.
  2. We will document the damage with photos to send to your insurance company and instruct you on the next step.
  3. We will meet with your insurance adjuster, on-site, to point out the damage.
  4. Schedule a replacement.

Insurance companies have different parameters on claims. Typically you have 1 or 2 years to file a claim. If you wait there is possibility that they will deny the claim because it is old damage. Contact us today for your free inspection and estimate.