Residential Roofing

Quality Products & Professional Service

Let us serve your residential roofing needs. We have the best products, quality installations, and professional service. From our office staff to our sales team to our roofing crew. Your roof is protecting your most valuable assets: Your family and your home! That’s why we aim to change the industry one roof at a time.
Our professional sales team will work with you to get exactly what you want. We can help you visualize your new roof by creating images of your home with different roof color options.


Shingle Types

 3-Tab Shingles

This is the most common residential roofing is asphalt shingle and is available in many colors that will enhance your home. Strong and durable with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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 Architectural Shingles

These add texture to your roof and are available in an array of beautifully blended colors. Architectural shingles have a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Designer Shingles

CertainTeed has a limited lifetime warranty on their Carriage House luxury shingles and Presidential Shake shingles. They also offer an impact-resistant designer shingle (this can lower your insurance premiums; ask your insurance agent if discounts apply). These are only three samples—the possibilities are endless!

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Wood Shake Shingles

Wood shake or wood shingles refers to how the wood is cut and finished. Shakes are split, and shingles are sawn. The wood shake/shingle is manufactured from western red cedar, cypress, pine, and redwood. The look is unique, and there are several options to choose from. If you like the shake look, you can get it in a composite or metal shingle.

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Tile Shingles

Concrete, Clay, Synthetic or Metal

Elevate your home’s aesthetics and durability with our exquisite range of tile shingles. Whether it’s the timeless charm of concrete or clay, the versatility of synthetic, or the sleekness of metal, our collection offers options to suit your unique style and needs. Experience the beauty and strength that will transform your roof into a masterpiece.

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Panel Loc Plus or Standing Seam Shingles

Metal has become a popular option for residential homes, and as with asphalt shingles, you have many choices. One option is Panel-Loc Plus. This metal is screwed down and comes in a variety of colors and gauges. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the metal. This application is not for all homes, but looks beautiful!

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Have Roof Trouble?

Our work ethic is second to none in Northwest Arkansas. We offer quality customer service, knowledgeable salesmen and the best roofers in the area. When hail, wind, or fallen limbs damage your roof, trust Perry Roofing for expert solutions. We install quality roofs with outstanding warranties, ensuring peace of mind and protection.

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Have Roof Trouble?

Our work ethic is second to none in Northwest Arkansas. We offer quality customer service, knowledgeable salesmen and the best roofers in the area. Whether you’re dealing with damage caused by hail, wind, or fallen limb falling on your roof, we have the resources and knowledge to install a quality roof with an outstanding warranty.