You may expect the possibility of roof damage in the spring or winter months because of extreme weather patterns. But summer roof problems are equally common.

5 Common Summer Roof Problems

Summer months are full of sunshine and warm weather. But even in the summer, your roof may be susceptible to problems. Here are five common summer roof problems to look out for in your home or business.

Problem #1 Cracked Shingles

During the summer, the sun beats down on your roof, day after day. Over time, the shingles will dry out, causing them to buckle, crack, or even peel away. Damaged shingles don’t protect against the elements. You’ll need them in tip-top shape to keep water out and avoid damage.

Solution: Roof repairs are a must if you notice damaged shingles. Replace them as soon as possible.

Problem #2 Moss and Algae Growth

Moss and algae growth on homes isn’t uncommon, especially on roofs. Moss is a summer roof problem because it can grow rapidly in the summer.

Spotting a bit of moss may not be something to worry about, but excessive moss or algae growth can be a significant issue. If you see a lot of moss growth on your roof, it could be trapping moisture, damaging the shingles. If not removed, it can cause damage to the wooden structure underneath it.

Solution: Remove moss and algae as quickly as possible before it latches on too strongly and causes serious damage.

Problem #3 Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can quickly lead to serious problems. If an attic isn’t properly ventilating, it can cause humidity and moisture to build up. Moisture is your roof’s enemy and can cause your roof to become weak and damaged through dry rotting and mold growth.

Solution: Combat poor ventilation by having a routine roof inspection that includes checking the attic ventilation.

Problem # 4 Insects & Rodents

You can’t think of summer without thinking about the bugs, especially if you live in the South. Summer is when all the buzzing, biting, and burrowing insects and rodents come out in full force. They can take up residence in your gutters and roof.

Also, inspect your roof’s interior and exterior for pest entry points. Pay attention to the dormer, damaged flashing, and areas where the siding meets the soffits. This could be the point of interest if you find holes, claw marks, chew marks, or nests.

Solution: Gutters are a breeding ground for pests, so clean them regularly to make it less desirable for pests to nest there. Patch holes and cover outdoor vents with a heavy gauge wire screen. Makes sure to fasten it adequately because rodents like squirrels can shimmy through the screen if you only attach it at the corners.

Here’s more about keeping pests off your roof and out of your attic.

Problem #5 Summer Storms

Some of the worst damage comes from storms. If you live in an area with severe summer storms or where hurricanes are prevalent, they could damage your roof. Each storm in itself may not be much to worry about. Add them together, though, and it could add up to significant damage.

Solution: Inspect your roof from the ground after significant storms. If you notice any damage, take steps to repair it quickly.

It’s amazing how much summer weather can damage your roof, but all these summer roof problems can be avoided with a little work and preparation. Repairing minor roof problems is less costly than waiting until you need a full roof replacement.

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