Your roof is leaking. It happens to everyone at some point. You start noticing a dark stain on the ceiling or streaks on the walls. Or worse, you have droplets or a stream of water flowing from these areas.

But, Why?

Leaks can seem to happen for no good reason, even to a roof that’s not very old. There are several reasons why this could occur.

Cracked Flashing.

Roofers use tar to seal the flashing together. Over time, that can erode and leave it exposed to the elements.

Broken or Compromised Shingles.

This one is easy to spot. You often see damaged or missing shingles from the ground, but you may need a roof inspection after a storm with high winds or hail. If you see shingles on the ground, it’s time to call a local roofing company.

Compromised Valleys.

The roof valley is the “V” created where two sloped roofs meet. Damage to the valleys can occur by accidentally stepping on them, neglect, or debris buildup, causing water buildup.

Poor Installation Materials.

Poor workmanship and subpar materials are the most common reasons a roof leaks.

Improper Ventilation.

Rooms that generate high moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms, can cause moisture to build up, causing severe damage over time. Make sure those rooms have adequate ventilation.

The Roof is Too Old.

Roofs don’t last forever. While there are many factors in how long a roof lasts, once the roofing materials age beyond their life expectancy, they begin to break down, compromising the integrity of your roof.

Condensation is building in your attic.

The attic is trapped between indoor and outdoor temps in hot summers and cold winters. When trapped air clashes, condensation forms, and moisture follows. If you smell mildew in your attic or notice mold, you may have an attic ventilation problem.

Let’s face it. No one wants to worry about a roof leaking when it rains. One small drip is a significant roofing issue. And roofing issues mean an investment in time and money. Whether your roof is a couple of years old or twenty, knowing why your roof leaks could mean the difference between a small repair or major damage.

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