Your car needs a routine tune-up, but what about your roof? The answer is yes. Your home’s safety and your roof’s longevity depend on regular maintenance. A roof tune-up is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

What is a Roof Tune-Up?

A roof tune-up is similar to getting maintenance on your vehicle. It allows you to check that everything is working properly. And it helps you catch and repair smaller issues before they become costly repairs down the road.

Is a Roof Tune-Up the Same as a Repair?

A tune-up for your roof is not the same as a roof repair. Repairs target specific issues that come up after noticing a problem. They’re usually more costly. Tune-ups are proactive maintenance that catches minor problems before they become real issues, prevent repairs from even being necessary, and extend the life of your roof.

How Does It Work?

It all begins with a pre-scheduled, thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the roofing system to pinpoint any problems.

If any are found, your roofer will address them. Most minor issues include cleaning off debris, taking care of nail pops, securing loose shingles or flashing, or replacing missing shingles. But, if a more significant repair is found, they’ll give you a quote for the repair.

What Does It Include?

A typical roof inspection and tune-up will include

  • A thorough assessment of shingles, flashing, vents, and more
  • Resealing pipe collars, fans, vents, and chimney flashing
  • Secure loosened shingles
  • Attic inspection for interior leaks, vent problems, or insulation issues
  • An assessment of the rafters for cracks, rot, or other problems
  • And more

When the inspection is completed, your roofer will provide a summary report of all the findings and recommendations.

How Often Should I Get One?

There are three main times to get an inspection and tune-up to help extend the life of your roof.

Start of spring. Winter may have been harsher on your roof than you realize. An inspection and tune-up will prepare your home for the rain ahead and ensure you are safe from leaks.

End of fall. Before winter sets in, ensure your roof is ready and catch any concerns before wintry weather arrives.

After a major storm, a strong storm system can cause damage to your roof, leaving your home unprotected. Inspect your roof yourself, or have a professional check it out.

Prevent Costly Repairs with a Roof Tune-Up!

The best way to prevent costly roof repairs is by keeping smaller issues from becoming big problems. Regular inspections and maintenance are the simplest ways to ensure you get the longest life from your roof.

Don’t wait until your roof’s “check engine” light comes on. Give it a roof tune-up. Call Perry Roofing Company today! 479.306.4327