If you have EPDM or modified bitumen roofing systems, roof shrinkage is one issue you must watch. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is roof shrinkage?

Roof shrinkage (contraction, tenting, or bridging) happens when your roofing membrane reduces size. The roofing membrane protects your home from the elements. So when it shrinks, your roof’s ability to protect your house against extreme weather and temperature changes decreases. 

Is my roof at risk of shrinking?

Roof shrinkage is a relatively common problem in flat and low-pitched roofs that use EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer) or modified bitumen (BUR). So if you have one of these roofing systems, you’ll want to have a regular roof inspection to ensure you don’t have shrinkage.

What causes roof shrinkage?

The leading cause of roof shrinkage is improper roof installation. However, problems resulting in shrinkage could be caused by many factors. 

Common Causes of Roof Shrinking

Harsh Environments. EPDM membrane roofs contain oils added during the manufacturing process. The loss of oil or changes in the molecular structure can play a role in shrinkage. These changes happen because of long-term weather exposure and fluctuating temperatures. 

Poor Material Quality. Installing poor-quality roofing membranes can result in shrinkage. It can also significantly decrease your roof’s performance and lifespan.  

Improper Installation. Installing low-sloped roofing systems requires patience and expertise from trusted roofing contractors. Inexperienced roofers can overlook crucial steps in the process. Missing important steps can make your roof shrink quicker than expected.  

Substrate Deterioration. Fasteners that secure the roofing membrane may pull out. The substrate may show signs of wear. Consequently, the membrane will shrink. 

Lack of Maintenance. Modified bitumen and EPDM are flexible and durable roof options for residential and commercial applications. However, they still need regular inspection and maintenance to last their lifespan. 

What happens if I don’t fix the roof shrinkage?

Failure to address the problem of roof shrinkage can lead to disastrous consequences. Exposed substrate along the seams and attachments can allow water to penetrate your home or building. If this happens, it can lead to larger problems down the road, including: 

  • Interior Damage
  • Accidents
  • Wet Insulation
  • Mold Growth
  • Insect Infestation
  • Accelerated Aging

Can my roof be repaired?

Yes. You will need to contact a professional roofer to identify the cause of the problem and reinstall the membrane correctly. 

How can I prevent my roof from shrinking? 

Preventing roof shrinkage is easy. Start by choosing a quality roofing membrane, ensuring proper installation, routine roof inspections, and regular roof maintenance. 

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