Should I replace or repair my roof?

It depends. The decision to repair or replace roof shingles hinges on a couple of things,

  1. The age of your roof.
  2. The roof’s current condition.

Minor wear and tear may only require some repair work. However, if the damage is significant or the roof is aged and showing signs of wear, you’ll likely need an entire roof replacement.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider repair over replacement.

1. The Damage is Minor

Minor roof damage is often fixable. If the damage is limited to a small area, your roofing professional should be able to take care of minor damages. For example, the roof in a particular room may leak due to isolated damage to an otherwise healthy roof.

Most damage confined to a small area can be mended. Why invest in a new roof when simple repairs can save you thousands in roofing costs?

2. You’re on a Tight Budget

Replacing a roof can be quite costly and more than your budget will allow. How costly?

The average homeowner spends about $7,940 to install a new roof, and most spend between $5,348 and $10,708.

Repairing your roof might be a better option and save you significant change. Call a local roofing company to assess the damage. It could be a minor issue that can be repaired quickly and for less money. Regardless of your financial situation, saving money is always preferable.

Click here to calculate the average cost of replacing a roof in your area.

3. You Need to Maintain the Architectural Integrity

Roof repair is a viable option to keep a home as close to its original design as possible.

Changing the roof of a home or building inevitably changes the look of the property. Roof repairs allow you to maintain architectural integrity.

4. You Need Short-Notice Service

Roof leaks don’t always happen when it’s convenient. For instance, you’re preparing to leave town when a sudden roof leak occurs. You’re already pinched for time and are now in a bind. If your only option is a roof replacement, you would likely have to cancel your plans or neglect the issue and risk further damage.

But, since roof repair is an option, you can easily have the roof problem fixed, even on short notice, and get on with your plans.

5. The Roof Was Recently Replaced

Did you have a new roof installed recently? Your best option is to see through on that investment. Just because a roof has incurred minor damage following a recent storm doesn’t mean you’ll have to replace it. Call a professional to repair the damage.

Fun Fact! Most homeowners purchase a new roof once, sometimes twice, throughout the life of their home. Therefore, the odds are low that you must invest in two roof replacements for the same house, especially if properly maintained.

Repair My Roof with Perry Roofing Company

Though you may not need a new roof immediately, you may have to replace it eventually. Contact your trusted professional roofers at Perry Roofing Company for a free assessment.

If there appears to be damage caused by the storm, you need to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Our roofing professionals will walk you through this process. If the damage is severe, you will want to have the roof replaced as soon as possible. Call today. We are here to help.

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