Winter can be long and harsh in many areas. But, for a roof, spring thaw can be more damaging than the blast of winter weather it’s experienced. As winter turns into spring, freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havoc on a commercial roof. Here’s what to watch for as the snow melts.

What to Check on Your Commercial Roof


Fallen debris can be one reason for commercial roof leaks. As snow blankets the roof, it hides fallen leaves and tree branches. Uncleared debris can create a trap for water. Trapped water can leak through the roof’s membrane, causing major roof damage.

What to Check: Keep watch for debris and remove it as soon as possible.

Membrane Cracks

Dramatic swings in temperature cause the roof to contract and expand. Any damage in the membrane has the potential to be the source of a leak. Once the snow clears, keep an eye out for tears or punctures.

What to Check: Inspect where the plane changes or where things penetrate the roof.


The shift in temperature from winter to spring thaw can cause flashings to deteriorate and dislodge. If this happens, water can get in. Flashings often fail before the roof system itself does. Damaged flashing lets water into the roof system, which is when you notice the leak.

What to Check: Scan the roof’s flashing along the sides for wrinkles or other changes.

Penetration Points

Freezing winter temperatures can cause damage to the sealant around penetration points in the roof. If left unrepaired, it will let water in as warmer weather melts the snow.

What to Check: Regularly inspect the sealing around penetration points such as air conditioners, pipes, and roof equipment. Repair as necessary.

Avoid Spring Thaw Roof Damage

Melting snow, rain, and spring rain keep roofing companies busy repairing roof leaks. It’s hard to tell the shape your roof is in without a professional inspection.

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