What size hail damages a roof? Hail in the forecast isn’t something any home or business owner loves to see when a storm moves into the area. It’s considered one of the most dreaded forces of nature that can damage cars, homes, and gardens. Anything outdoors is susceptible to these frozen missiles. 

So how bad does it have to be to cause damage? Let’s take a look at the common hail sizes. 

What Size of Hail Damages a Roof?

Understanding what size hail damages a roof can help you determine when to get a roof inspection. Here are some of the most common hail sizes that damage roofing systems. 

Pea-sized Hail

Milder storms tend to produce pea-sized hail for only a few minutes before shifting to steady rainfall. Pea-sized hail measures about ¼-inch. Most roofs can fair pretty well without damage with this size of hail. But if you have an older roof with some damage, it could exacerbate existing damage. 

Marble-Sized Hail

Marble-sized hail measures around ½-inch. This hail size doesn’t generally cause damage to roofs that don’t have existing damage. Generally, marble-sized hail also falls into the same category as pea-sized hail. We recommend calling a local roofer to inspect your roof after a storm if you are unsure. 

Dime or Quarter-Sized Hail

Dime or quarter-sized hail measures about ¾-inch to 1-inch in diameter. Hail this size can leave dents, dings, and cracks compromising the integrity of your asphalt shingles. In some cases, it can cause more serious roof damage. 

When you see hail this size, it’s time to call a roof inspector immediately. Left unaddressed, it could become expensive, extensive, and potentially dangerous for your home and family.

Golf Ball-Sized Hail

Golf ball-sized hail is 1 ¾-inches to 4 ½-inches in diameter. Hail this size isn’t a common occurrence. But when it does happen, you can be sure there is some damage. Call your insurance agent immediately following a storm with golf ball-sized hail.

Don’t panic if you suspect roof damage from hail. Take all the proper steps to get a roof inspection and roof repair, and get it done quickly. 

Protect Your Roof So It Can Protect You

Your roof is a shield for your home and everything inside of it. It protects your family and belongings from winter weather, rain, and hail. Make sure that it’s in the best condition to do its job. Contact Perry Roofing Company for a FREE roof repair estimate, replacement, or a roof tune-up.