Spring weather ushers in sunny days and the blooming season. But it also brings strong storms with high winds leading the way for roof damage. Follow these simple wind damage roof protection steps to safeguard your roof from storm damage.

5 Simple Wind Damage Roof Protection Steps

Storm damage can be costly to repair. Taking these simple wind damage roof protection steps can reduce the chances of dealing with future roof damage.

Secure Shingles

Do you have loose shingles? Nail them down! Loose shingles are easily blown from your roof in high winds making your home vulnerable to rain and increasing your chances of requiring emergency roof repairs.

What to Do: Secure loose shingles with a hammer or nails. Use at least six nails or staples on each shingle. Also, caulk the edges. For extra protection, install waterproof layers under the shingles.

Remove Trees Near the Roof

Trees are a beautiful addition to any home. However, they can become a risk to your roof if not maintained. Hanging branches over or near the roof can become dangerous projectiles in strong winds. Fallen trees or branches can also pose a serious threat to any roof and expose you to rain and wind. And branches dancing wildly in the wind can damage shingles and knock them off. They can also damage gutters and vents.

What to Do: Trim or remove trees near your roof.

Secure Metal Roofing

Do you have metal roofing on your home or business? Make sure all the panels are secure and ready for any strong storms or winds.

What to Do: The best option is to contact a local roofer to inspect and make any repairs. However, you can use bolts or screws (called exposed fasteners) or concealed clips to secure metal roofing.

Inspect the Outside of the Roof

Whether a storm is coming or not, the first basic step to protecting your roof against wind damage is to inspect your roof from the outside. Just like other parts of your home that tend to rust, loosen, clog, and become shaky, your roof takes a beating in the elements and needs maintenance and care.

What to Do:

  1. Inspect the vents, grains, flashing, and gutters.
  2. If you see anything loose or damaged, have it repaired before it becomes a significant problem.
  3. Clear blocked gutters and downspouts
  4. Remove any fallen branches or debris on the roof.

Inspect the Inside of the Roofing System

Once done with the outside, it’s time to move to the attic and check the inside. We recommend you use goggles and gloves to avoid injury while inspecting.

What to Do:

  1. When inspecting the inside, check the roof sheathing.
  2. Make sure it’s secure.
  3. If not, use a hammer and nails to fasten it to the truss bracing.

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