If you’ve had strong weather come through recently, you could have a storm-damaged roof. Who should you call firstthe insurance company or a roofing company?  

Steps to Repairing a Storm-Damaged Roof

Finding a storm-damaged roof after a strong storm can be a stressful situation. And you probably have questions and concerns, especially about what to do next. Here are 5 easy steps to repairing your storm-damaged roof so you can relax.  

Step 1: Call a professional roofing service. 

Call a professional roofing company if you suspect you could have storm damage. Since roof damage can be difficult to see from the ground, the roofer can determine if there is damage and to what extent. 

Roof damage can lead to roof leaks, mold, and structural damage. It’s always best to start with a roof inspection before contacting your homeowner’s insurance. 

Pro Tip! Many roofers offer free inspections for storm damage.

Step 2: Document the damage. 

After your roofer completes their inspection, you will receive documentation of your roof’s clean bill of health or details of the roof damage it sustained.  

Pro Tip! Don’t sign any paperwork for roof repairs or replacement until your claim is approved.

Step 3: Contact your homeowner’s insurance. 

The next step is to contact your insurance company and let them know you have a storm-damaged roof. Some roofing companies offer claim assistance and will send the documented damage with photos to your insurance company for you. Be sure and ask your roofer if they provide this service. 

Pro tip! You usually have 1-2 days to file a claim with your insurance. But insurance companies have different parameters on claims. So be sure to check with your insurance company to determine how much time you have to file a claim. If you wait, they could deny the claim because it’s old damage.

Step 4: Meet with your insurance adjuster. 

Your insurance company will send an adjuster out to assess your roof and property damage and explain the claims process to you. The adjuster will tell you how much the roof repair or replacement will cost if there is a deductible and when to expect the money to fix the damage to your roof. 

Pro Tip! When you choose Perry Roofing Company, we will meet your insurance adjuster on-site to pinpoint the damage.

Step 5: Schedule the roof repair or replacement. 

Once your claim is approved, contact your roofer to schedule the repairs or get a new roof. Once your roof is in great shape again, we recommend getting a regular inspection and performing routine maintenance to keep it in great condition. Plus, it will make it easier to claim any future damage since you’ll have written reports and photos of your roof’s condition. 

Help to Recover from the Storm

Contact us if you suspect roof damage from wind, hail, heavy rains, or snow. We can help you recover from the storm. 479.306.4327